WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
Achtung: Das folgende Video enthält Stroboskopeffekte, die unter Umständen epileptische Anfälle auslösen können. 

Whats going on here?

Using only flashing lights we are taking a leap into your brain. 
As you can see in the video, bright lights are being flashed directly into peoples faces (with their eyes closed). 
When being flashed at, the brain receives a signal from your visual nerves but because the eyes are kept closed during the whole process there is actually nothing to see. The brain starts building an interpretation of what its supposed to see and this is when we start "seeing" or experiencing visual effects from within your brain. 
Depending on the frequency and brightness of the flashing lights, the person being flashed at begins to experience different results. 
Common results are: 
Experiencing colors and shapes ( Also moving shapes).
Feeling of falling (for a few seconds only).
Going instantly into deep meditation with visual experience.

Some people have also described it as "Close to the visual effects when taking drugs like LSD".
A "trip" only lasts as long as the lights are still flashing, so whenever you want to go back to normal, just cover your eyes, leave the flashing area or ask for the lights to be turned off.  

Currently, we are building the first ever music video created directly in your brain, directed by flashing lights. 

Feel free to join the next Brainhacking session at Maker Faire in Darmstadt on 23.02.2019.
Click the button below to get free tickets directly from their website. 

Send me nudes.

Send me all those unwanted / unexpected pics(*1).

On the following page you can upload pictures without leaving your name or any details(*2).
I will then censor the pictures, to make sure anyone seen in it will stay anonymous to a certain degree(*2) and release them as print. I will not automatically present your uploaded content online after your upload has finished. I will review all the images first and maybe release some online, but probably not.
Please keep in mind, that this is only about pics you didn’t request. I am generally interested in finding out how big the scale of unwanted genital pics actually is and how the gender balance looks like.

*1 – This will most likely be “Dickpics” or as there is no term for the opposite, I’ll just call it “Cleaveshots”.
*2 – It should go without saying, that I am not interested in any illegal material. I will pass on information to authorities and assist them with any further requests incase I receive illegal material.
*3 – I’ll censor faces, tattoos, obvious marks, maybe backgrounds if necessary- that’s it.

You can Upload your pics here:

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Normal sticker version.

Made this sticker to highlight the inequality created by luxury tax on menstrual hygiene products. 

Check out to sign the petition against the luxury tax on menstrual hygiene products.

Special thanks to Berlin Feminist Film Week for handing out loads of these stickers in 2017. Feel free to have a look at their page and leave some support

You can download different versions of the sticker below to make your own stickers: 

>>Download<< .JPG Sticker
>>Download<< .JPG Sticker Print Ready (5,7cm X 8,7cm)
>>Download<< .JPG Big Poster (1955px X 3051px)

Other stuff I made lying around:

LOCKITTY.COM - Build your own private media library online. After signing up at Lockitty, the only thing you see is a blank page. You can feed this blank page with embeddable media files of almost any sort from almost any platform. This way you build your own personal "tube style" media library, containing only things you want to keep.


Since I was a little kid, I always had a big passion for Techno music, so I started producing my own quite a while ago. I'd say I'm still learning a lot but you can go ahead and have a listen. Let me know if you like it or not. Ready? : >>Click here<<

I'll add some more stuff here soon